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Here at Spearhead Private Investigations, our clients receive corporate level  professionalism and experience at a small business cost.  

Established in 2005, Spearhead Global Security, Inc. has been operating in North Carolina for over 14 years.  

Spearhead Private Investigations, a fully licensed and insured investigative firm, was established in 2015 and operates with over 23 years investigative experience.

Every contact, contract and business dealing is kept confidential and  handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.   


Dedicated Approach

The Spearhead family does not treat its cases as revenue streams.  Rather,  we see our clients as human beings with lives, businesses, emotions and  financial stability at stake.  We realize each case is unique and requires attention to detail to ensure we find the right services for for the circumstances.  

Spearhead Private Investigations handles all cases with those considerations in mind.  From initial contact, be it a phone consultation or an in person meeting, you will realize Spearhead Private Investigations is the firm of choice to handle your investigative needs.   


President & Lead Investigator

David  C. Kaiser is a U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran with multiple operational deployments worldwide.  David has over 24 years of combined experience in law enforcement and military special operations as a police officer, special forces operator, military and political advisor and instructor.  

Mr. Kaiser has real-world operational and security experience on a global scale having conducted, managed, instructed and advised law enforcement, as well as domestic and foreign military on: Special Weapons and Tactics; Force Protection Measures; Personal, Unit and Executive Security Measures; Crisis Communications; Cultural Awareness; Security Policy Advisement and Development; Investigations; Intelligence Collection and Analysis; Surveillance; Counter-Surveillance; Site and Base Security; Basic And Advanced Pistol And Rifle Marksmanship; Demolitions; Unconventional Warfare Methods; Small Unit Tactics; Close Quarter Combat Techniques; Defensive Tactics; and Vehicle Convoy  Security. 

David has conducted investigations, intelligence analysis, surveillance and counter-surveillance operations on three continents in both peacetime and combat environments.  Spearhead Private Investigations takes the skills David learned and developed over the course of his military and law enforcement careers and utilizes them as the foundation for professional, discreet, thorough and dedicated services. 

Additionally, Mr. Kaiser has over 13 years  of experience advising the political and military leaders of the United  States, as well as several foreign national governments on both operational and strategic level security and policy matters; national and global security concerns; and counter-terrorism techniques and procedures.

Mr. Kaiser holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy State University. 


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